Making the internet better for games.

Network Next is a radically new way to link networks together.
It’s a new internet, one where networks compete to carry your game traffic, providing you with the best network performance at the best price.

The internet doesn’t care about your game. We do.

That’s why we created Network Next, a neutral, software-based marketplace that boosts network performance, increases player contentment, reduces churn, and lowers support costs.

You Control the Network.

Network Next puts you, the game developer, in control. You control the parameters of your game’s network performance, targeting spend towards meaningful network performance improvements for your game.

Real-Time Network Monitoring.

Monitor your player’s network performance in real-time.

Drill down to analyze every aspect of each player’s experience, including latency, jitter, and packet loss.

Improve Player Experience Globally.

Network Next is available globally, so whether your players are in Trinadad, Tobago, Timbuktu… or anywhere else on the planet, we can improve their network performance.

Your New Safety Net.

Not only will you see better network performance, you’ll also have the security of knowing that if one network is congested, we’ll switch to another in seconds.

Now, You Control the Network.

Explore Network Next today and see what we can do for your players.


"Network Next has developed a technology to reduce lag for multiplayer online games, and now it is rolling it out around the world."

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You Control The Network.

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