Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Network Next?

Network Next is the marketplace for premium network transit. We sell access to private networks that provide better performance than the public internet.

Why use Network Next?

Improving network performance increases monetization and player retention. In short, your players stop complaining and start enjoying your game!

How does Network Next work?

Network Next integrates with your game via an open source SDK. This SDK steers your traffic across the best route every 10 seconds, including private networks your traffic would otherwise not traverse.

Does Network Next violate Network Neutrality?

No. Network Next steers traffic via an anonymous bidding process which ensures that we remain neutral. Networks compete on performance and price to carry your traffic, with Network Next acting as a neutral broker.

Can suppliers specify a different price depending on the buyer?

No. Suppliers cannot identify buyers on Network Next and cannot provide one price for one buyer, and a different price for another. Suppliers may only compete on performance and price.

What sort of improvements can Network Next provide?

We find significant improvements for at least 10% of your players, including lower latency, less jitter and less packet loss. The rest of your players already have good enough connections and are free.

Do you bill on bandwidth usage or on the amount reserved?

Private networks reserve capacity for each player to ensure the best network performance, so we bill on the bandwidth envelope up and down.

Can there be a different bandwidth envelope up and down?

Yes. Game protocols are often asymmetric, so you may specify different envelopes for client to server traffic vs. server to client traffic.

Is the bandwidth envelope per-server, or per-player?

Each player has their own bandwidth envelope so Network Next adjusts dynamically as players join and leave your game.

How much does Network Next cost?

The average price is 10c per-gigabyte for traffic envelope up and down. But this price varies depending on region. You can specify a maximum price in your bid that will not be exceeded.

Do players have to pay to use Network Next?

No. Our customer is the game developer, not the player. Our technology lets you sponsor a better connection for your players, much like you spend money on dedicated servers today.

How does billing work?

Network Next sells 10 second slices of access to private networks. Each month we sum up these slices and bill that amount to the game developer. Players that don't take network next are free.

What happens if I go over the bandwidth envelope?

Packets that go over the bandwidth envelope are not accelerated. This is useful for traffic sent during connection or load screens.

Can I change the bandwidth envelope over time?

Some games, especially Battle Royale genre, have a varying bandwidth envelope. We're working on a feature that lets you adjust the bandwidth envelope dynamically.

Which games use Network Next?

Network Next is in production with Rocket League and we accelerate millions of sessions every day. 

What suppliers work with Network Next?

We work with top edge computing and infrastructure suppliers. Our partnerships are always expanding.

• Packet
• Zenlayer
• Multiplay
• i3D 

• Google
• Azure
• Oracle Cloud
• IBM Cloud

Where can I host game servers with Network Next?

We support a variety of game server hosting companies. If you would like to evaluate Network Next but you host game servers elsewhere, let us know.

• Multiplay

• i3D



• Google

• Azure

What platforms do you support?

• iOS
• PS4
• Xbox One

• PC
• Mac
• Linux

Access to console platform support requires proof that you are a registered developer for that platform. Please contact us for more information.

What locations are supported by Network Next?

Network Next is deployed worldwide.

Do you have an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a Unity plugin?

Not yet, but we’re actively working on it. Let us know you’re interested.

Can I use Network Next for player hosted servers?

No. We only support acceleration to servers hosted in datacenters with a known public IP.

Can I use Network Next for my peer-to-peer game?

No. We only support acceleration of client/server traffic between clients and dedicated servers hosted in datacenters.

Can I use Network Next to accelerate my TCP game?

No. Network Next only supports UDP. 

Can I use Network Next to accelerate my WebRTC game?

Not yet. We are actively investigating this option. Please let us know you are interested.

Will players be disconnected from my game if Network Next goes down?

No. If our SDK cannot talk to our backend for any reason, players automatically fall back to the public internet and are free.

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