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ESL Launches ESEA Fast-Path to Improve Player Connectivity

Updated: May 4, 2021

Early last month, we announced our partnership with ESL. The goal of the partnership was to help them improve their players' connections to ESL's game servers. The result of our joint effort was just announced today:

How does ESEA Fast-Path work?

ESEA Fast-Path monitors all players, checking every second to see if a better route to the game server is available. If players have a perfect connection to the game server, then ESEA Fast-Path doesn’t need to do anything. However, realistically, a network incident can occur at any time that would negatively impact a connection, such as higher ping, more packets lost, or more jitter. In that situation, ESEA Fast-Path automatically switches the player to a better route before their gameplay is affected.

Now instead of putting up with spikes of poor connectivity while they play, players can focus on their match while ESL and Network Next's technology work behind the scenes to give them the best possible connection.

Testing period and results.

Over the last 6 months, ESEA has been silently running Fast-Path across its platform to scale up, identify any possible issues, and most importantly help improve their players’ experiences.

Here are some of the results:

What's next?

Moving forward, ESEA Fast-Path will continue to enhance their players’ experiences in the upcoming ESEA League Season 37.

If milliseconds matter to the players of your game or the users of your real-time application, contact us today.

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