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Introducing the Network Next Analytics Portal

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Network Next makes premium network performance accessible to everyone, without locking customers into a single vendor.

But how do developers really know their players are getting better network performance on Network Next?

Enter the Network Next Analytics Portal.

The Network Next Portal provides game developers with complete visibility into their player's online experience, both on and off Network Next.

Data that developers can see with the Analytics Portal includes:

1) Map

This visual screen shows where players are realizing network performance improvements around the world from Network Next and also allows game developers to drill into smaller geographic areas, such as North America, Europe or the Middle East.

Network Next Analytics Portal Global Map

Network Next Analytics Portal USA Map

2) All Sessions

This screen enables game developers to drill down into the network performance data to see every player’s experience, even players not using a Network Next route. We also store historical session data per-player for 90 days, making it possible to see the complete history of a player's online experience over time.

Network Next Analytics Portal - All Sessions

3) Session Tool

The Session Tool allows game developers to drill into various aspects of each player’s session. The network performance improvements players are realizing -- lower latency, jitter or packet loss -- are displayed in easy-to-read graphics.

All data shown in the Analytics Portal is available in text format for download and further analysis.

Network Next Analytics Portal - Session Tool: Latency

Network Next Analytics Portal - Session Tool: Jitter

Network Next Analytics Portal - Session Tool: Packet Loss

Getting Started

Game developers can the Network Next Portal at In order to see data from their specific game’s traffic, they must sign up on the portal and install the Network Next open-source SDK into their game. Network Next can assist with this and provides both remote and on-site support for studios who qualify.

Together we’re making the internet better for games.


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