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Network Next is putting European Game Developers in control of the internet.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The European rollout of Network Next’s service is underway.

Network Next announced today that it is expanding its service to Europe, enabling game developers with servers in that region to deliver a lower latency, more consistent online multiplayer game experience to their players. The rollout of Network Next’s European service is already underway.

Modern games increasingly demand stable, performant, low latency connections to ensure the best player experiences. To deliver that, game developers use advanced protocols and carefully tuned hosting solutions, but their efforts are often bottle-necked by the public Internet, which is optimized for other use cases. The result is often unacceptable latency and inconsistent performance that leads to angry gamers and more player churn.

Network Next is a radically new way of linking networks together. It’s a new internet built on a neutral marketplace where networks compete on performance and price to carry traffic, without locking game developers into a single vendor. The Network Marketplace connects games to thousands of private networks. Every few seconds, those networks compete on performance and price to carry network traffic, resulting in lower latency, jitter and packet loss.

“Game developers don’t control the route player’s traffic takes to their game servers, and this is a huge problem for game developers because it causes high latency, lag, and hitching in a player’s online experience. Network Next fixes this by steering game traffic across the best private infrastructure, which has better and more consistent performance than the public internet,” said Glenn Fiedler, CEO of Network Next and a 20-year veteran of game development. “With our rollout to Europe, we are taking the first step in helping developers deliver a better gaming experience to their European players.”

Network Next recently announced a $4.4M seed round led by BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, with additional investment coming from Bain Capital Ventures, Velo Capital Partners, as well as the critically-acclaimed independent game developer, Psyonix. Psyonix is also a Network Next customer.


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