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Making the Internet Better for Mobile Multiplayer Games with Edge Computing

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

More and more games and applications are going mobile, but delivering the best game experience on mobile devices still presents a difficult challenge. Mobile devices are limited by compute power and battery life, as well as by network connectivity and latency, all of which hinder the gaming experience. One of the answers to that challenge is edge computing.

Edge computing can improve gaming by performing processing closer to your player’s device (e.g. their smartphones), reducing network-dependent latency issues.


Many of today’s mobile games are hosted on AWS, but AWS has not had a solution for edge computing. Today, edge computing with AWS became possible and practical, bringing another performance-enhancing, latency-reducing step in the right direction to your mobile game. Two companies, Vapor IO and Crown Castle, announced a service that seamlessly interconnects Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge with Amazon Web Services (AWS) via Crown Castle’s high-speed Cloud Connect.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge places data centers at the base of cell towers and in other nearby locations to better connect mobile devices to their latency-dependent applications. Now those applications can not only run at the Kinetic Edge, but can interconnect with Amazon’s AWS over an operator-grade, fiber-optic network. This unique product enables a new class of application (e.g. mobile games, IoT, VR, AR, etc) that takes advantage of the entire edge-to-core continuum.

The advantages to our customers are clear, which is why we have joined Vapor IOs Kinetic Edge Alliance, an exciting collaboration of companies focused on improving edge computing. We are already leveraging bare metal servers provided by Kinetic Edge Alliance partner Packet. By virtue of these partnerships, we can now run our highly specialized packet processors on Packet’s servers that leverage AWS Direct Connect and Vapor’s offering in order to enhance gaming performance where it matters most: in the hands of the gamers.

Vapor.io and Network Next = Game on!

If you’re looking to bring your existing or new multiplayer game to mobile platforms, we can connect your players back to AWS data centers in the most optimal fashion. The result is a lower latency, more consistent gaming experience on mobile devices.

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