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Network Next raises $4.4 million

Santa Monica, CA - Jan 23, 2019 - Network Next announced today that it has raised a $4.4M seed round to make the internet better for games and other interactive content.

The seed round was led by BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, with additional investment coming from Bain Capital Ventures, Velo Capital Partners, and the critically-acclaimed independent game developer, Psyonix.

Network Next believes the internet is broken for games. It has been optimized to deliver static and streaming content, not interactive, real-time applications like online multiplayer games that require high performance and the lowest latency possible. Which is why Network Next created its solution.

Network Next is a radically new way to link networks together. It’s a new internet, one where networks compete in a neutral, software-based marketplace to carry game traffic, providing developers with the best network performance for their games at the best price. The result is not only better network performance, it is increased player contentment, reduced churn, and lower support costs.

“We believe that the public internet is hindering network performance for games and could not be more thrilled to partner with investors who share that belief, said Glenn Fiedler, CEO of Network Next and a 20-year veteran of game development. “With this new investment, we’ll be able to grow our team and continue the development of our technology, which will ensure that we can deliver on our vision.”

“The gaming industry is dependent on reliable, consistent network connections. Playing at your best for gamers means playing on a stable network with low latency - and that's where game developers don’t find great solutions,” commented Jens Hilgers, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures Founding Partner. “Network Next makes it easier for developers to operate on the highest quality infrastructure and make sure that gamers get the fastest and most consistent experience. As gamers as well as industry supporters, we at BITKRAFT could not be more excited to invest in this team and technology.”

To learn more, please visit Network Next’s website at www.networknext.com.

About Network Next

Founded in 2017 by game developers and networking pros, and backed by $4.4M in seed investment, Network Next is making the internet better for games and real-time traffic, creating a network that delivers the best multiplayer experiences possible. Visit www.networknext.com for more information.

About BITKRAFT Esports Venture Fund

An early and mid stage investor focused on the esports sector, BITKRAFT discovers, supports, and scales esports startups globally along with the industry’s most influential companies. Founded in 2018, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures is active in Berlin, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the epicenters of the western esports world.



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