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Network Next is Making the Internet Better for Games with Limelight's Edge Cloud

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Network Next is a start-up based in Santa Monica that recently raised $4.4 million to create a better internet for games. They’ve created a unique technology that finds the fastest, most consistent route for each player and are working closely with Limelight to make this vision a reality.

Network Next's Challenge

The internet of today is not optimized for games. It favors static and streaming content, with heavy throughput demands, over real-time applications such as online multiplayer games, which require the lowest latency possible. Network Next is changing this through better, faster game performance.

Network Next's Solution

Network Next’s technology integrates directly into a game and uses Limelight’s edge cloud solution to provide the best online gaming experience for players. Network Next technology steers game traffic across Limelight’s network via Limelight Points-of-Presence throughout the U.S. These edge nodes are directly connected to game origin data centers to significantly reduce latency and improve consistency for players.

"We’re making the internet better for games because to gamers, latency really matters. The difference between winning and losing in a game can be as little as 5 milliseconds. We’re excited to be working with Limelight who understands this challenge and the needs of our customers, and whose technology puts compute power at the edge. This allows us to dramatically reduce latency and significantly improve the gaming experience for players." GLENN FIEDLER, CEO at Network Next



Network Next uses Limelight’s private backbone with direct connections to more than 1,000 ISPs and edge compute resources to make a better internet for games a reality.


Limelight’s edge cloud helps place compute close to Network Next customers and eliminates the cost, complexity, and delays inherent in using traditional cloud computing environments.


Limelight’s edge compute services offer flexible compute and network connectivity options with direct access to Limelight’s private IP backbone, peering relationships and Content Delivery Network servers.


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