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We’re Live Down Under!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

G’day! We have some exciting news to share for game developers running their online multiplayer games in Australia. Following on the heels of our expansion into Europe, Network Next is now live “down under”, or to be more precise, in Australia and New Zealand. That means gamers playing your online multiplayer game in those areas will experience the latency-reducing, performance-enhancing effects of our technology on their games.

It’s early days. At the moment, we’re running our service at a very small scale, but the latency improvements we are seeing are massive. We’ll expand our reach in the days and weeks to come, and keep you up to date as we do. So if you’re a game developer running your online game down under, consider joining our mailing list to stay up to date on our news.

Until then, grab your esky, put a shrimp on the barbie, and bask in the knowledge that your multiplayer game will soon run as intended in the great land down under.


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