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Last Modified on October 4, 2019

What is a Sub-Processor?

A “Sub-Processor” is any agent, subcontractor or other third party that Network Next engages  for carrying out any data processing activities on behalf of our customers. 

These include our cloud services provider and the providers of network infrastructure that allows the Network Next service to function.


How do we keep protect your data?


In addition to the data security methods outlined in our Privacy Policy, we enter into a binding Sub-Processing Agreement with each Sub-Processor. This Agreement puts the same contractual obligations on our Sub-Processors that we have with the data Controller who supplies us with personal data.


These contractual obligations include:


  • agreeing to only process the Personal Data we instruct them to process;

  • ensuring that anyone processing Personal Data has an obligation of confidentiality;

  • implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security under the GDPR;

  • assisting Network Next with responding to user data requests under the GDPR;

  • assisting Network Next with compliance obligations related to data security, data breaches, and data protection impact assessments;

  • deleting or returning all personal data to Network Next after they have completed providing services to us; and

  • participating in any required Network Next data protection audits.


Who are our Sub-Processors?


The following companies act as Sub-Processors for Network Next. We will update this page from time to time, so that it is kept up to date with our latest list of Sub-Processors, and notify any Network Next customers who engage us to process data.

Sub-Processor Name

Google Cloud (Google LLC)

Purpose of Processing

Cloud infrastructure service provider


United States (Packet Host Inc.)

Network infrastructure provider

United States

StackPath, LLC

Network infrastructure provider

United States

Zenlayer Inc.

Network infrastructure provider

United States

LimeLight Networks

Network infrastructure provider

United States

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